Libertarian Anti-Draft Movement In Wins Worldwide



Countries in Red still enforce the practice of enslavement by conscription. Those in blue or orange do not or only in emergencies, or are moving towards abolition.

LIO Libertarians are pleased at the advances in rolling back coerced conscription to militaries or to so-called ‘national service,’ a project spearheaded by LIO Fellow Nobelist Milton Friedman–and are spreading the word to continue the process that began in the 1970’s.

Dr. Friedman headed a commission that greatly reduced the ‘draft’ in the US, and met with many leaders and local groups to encourage the best practice that has moved the world from near-universal drafts to their abolition or decline in many countries.

LIO encourages dialogue to end all forms of forced service, which many Libertarians feel creates an atmosphere of official bad example in the need to respect rights, in all nations.

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