Sikhs Confer On Lifestyle Immunities

ACLU President Susan Herman talked about how the ACLU successfully litigated cases on behalf of Sikhs, and stressed on the need for the American legal system to adopt international law and treaties on human and civil rights particularly in instances where domestic legislation is inadequate to provide just results.

Pushpinder Singh QC, an international human rights lawyer, participated in the conference via call from London and condemned how France seeks to compare wearing a turban to wearing spectacles with frames that are thick or which mask the eyes. He said that it belittles the humiliation felt by a person who is required to remove a Turban by stating that it is an extremely momentary and minimal restriction limited to the click of a camera. The French comments show a disturbing and profound lack of respect and understanding of the Sikh faith. He also talked about the legal aspects of the case, and what further measures could be undertaken.

Attorney Mia Gonzalez and Attorney James Miller, of O’Melveny & Myers, the lead counsel in Ranjit Singh’s case commented that the reply by France to the committee is disappointing; that France has reiterated the same arguments, and that with United Sikhs’ legal team they would file a further submission to the committee to pursue France to reconsider its decision

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