NC USA: 40% Pro-Gay Votes Called Triumph  also (… unanimously declared the LPNC’s opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment restricting marriage in a resolution that also opposes marriage licensing in any form and calls on betrothed couples to ignore licensing altogether…) and at bottom

Activists reflecting on how far from zero they’ve come say votes are victory, changed conversation review  coalition efforts in article:

We were able to highlight the broad political opposition to this amendment — progressives, conservatives, libertarians — and show the narrow and narrow-minded band of support for the amendment. The problem is that the latter was deep, and frightened by the bible beating and threat of something happening to “traditional marriage,” whatever that is in a country with a 50% divorce rate.

Building the coalition — assembling the diverse partners involved in this battle has been quite a handful, and it has paid off in dividends. The social justice infrastructure that has grown and been extended and is highly visible now — this can have lasting political repercussions for progressive politics in North Carolina — and that helps the equality movement nationally in the end.

What is the key issue here is that a battle about marriage and legal rights for unmarried couples is not what North Carolina needed, and was forced into it by craven lawmakers and bigots who wanted an easy political club — homophobia — as a GOTV tool. It shouldn’t have been on the ballot in the first place, but it was, prematurely leapfrogging an issue that the state was not ready to handle.

As I’ve told my marriage equality advocate friends many times, for those of us in states where we do not even have employment protections — you can be fired for being LGBT here, no questions asked — we won’t see same-sex marriage until the U.S. Supreme Court makes it happen.

The coalition-building here has afforded North Carolinians for the first time to discuss the rights of LGBT neighbors and friends. It has shown the country that yes, the South has politically active voters of strong faith that are against discrimination for all of the right reasons — it’s not a matter of religion at all, but about the separation of church and state and protecting and extending the rights of minorities, not restricting them.

North Carolina Libertarian Party Joins Coalition Against Discriminatory Amendment | The North Carolina Libertarian Party has officially declared its formal opposition to Amendment One, joining the broad coalition seeking to Protect All NC Families. In a new video, Party Chair J.J. Summerell described the measure as “badly designed” and “fraught with far-reaching, unintended consequences.” Watch it:




Duke University political science professor and Libertarian candidate for governor Michael Munger has also made a video opposing Amendment One. He points out that “it clearly takes rights away…from gay and lesbian couples” and also “encumbers contractual arrangements between all sorts of other people in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.” Watch it:



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