Uzbekistan To Privatize Some 500 Programs in Drive

Caution is needed so that public assets aren’t stripped in applying the Libertarian concept…privatization as a term includes conversion of assets to non-monopoly programs which deserves consideration, but officals say they hope to jump-start foreign interest and technology transfer…
Ex-Soviet Uzbekistan plans privatization drive

(AP) – 29 minutes ago

ALMATY, Kazakhstan (AP) — Uzbekistan’s government plans to sell off almost 500 state assets over the next two years in an ongoing drive to expand the private sector in this former Soviet nation.

Media in Uzbekistan cited Uzbek state property committee deputy chairman Saifitdlin Gafarov as saying Tuesday that assets in the oil, gas, energy, metals, agriculture, electronics and pharmaceuticals industries sectors will be made available for purchase.

Privately owned news portal cited government officials as saying one aim was to attract foreign investors to help boost Uzbekistan’s technological capacity.

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