Bahamas: Libs Driving Gambling Referendum

Legalization and partial gambling privatization broke the bank of prohibition-driven organized crime in the US and many other countries…Now LI fans report their call team plus series of workshopsfor community leaders  and informative  items by the Lib-oriented think tank Nassau Institute ( )   has helped bring about a gambling referendum. They expect that it will pass.

Good luck.


THE Government yesterday promised to hold a referendum on a national lottery and the decriminalisation or regulation of “numbers” houses.

#In the Speech from the Throne, Prime Minister Perry Christie said the people will decide the fate of gambling the Bahamas.

#“In accordance with its Charter for Governance, my government will also hold a referendum for the Bahamian people to decide whether a national lottery should be instituted and/or whether webshop-type gaming should be decriminalised but nonetheless regulated in accordance with internationally accepted best practices and in a way that would ensure revenue generation for the country.”

#This is not the first time a referendum on gambling was promised. In 2010 former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said his government was considering legalizing and regulating the local number houses in the Bahamas.

#However, after consultation “with a wide range of community leaders and other citizens, including leaders of the church, the government has decided not to proceed with the legalization of the numbers business.”

#Mr Ingraham said his government decided against holding a referendum before the general election as it did not want to “mix up the two.”

#As it stands gambling is illegal in all forms for Bahamians and non-citizen residents of the Bahamas.

#It has been estimated that a national lottery could pump more than $190 million into the Bahamas’ economy annually.

#Currently there are at least 16 independent numbers houses in New Providence alone, with another six in Grand Bahama and a few spread throughout the Family Islands.

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