Miss, US: Libs Help Free Gourmet Beer, Quickie Marriage


An LI fan call team reports success in coalition move to allow high-alcohol gourmet beer, end odious marriage license requirement…they will gear up next year to work on new restrictive voter and abortion statutes by extreme right. They will continue ‘low-key, friendly, personal contact’ campaign. They estimate they talked to or e-mailed over 100 officials and leaders and many in media to raise awareness.


Interesting how to @ http://raiseyourpints.com/about-ryp


Raise Your Pints (RYP) is a grassroots, non-profit organization whose mission is to help bring the highest quality beers in the world to Mississippi. We are motivated by a desire to have the same variety of choice when purchasing beer that Mississippi citizens already enjoy when purchasing wine.

Our vision is a Mississippi with a world class beer culture. Our mission; to promote and enhance craft beer culture in Mississippi by working to lift the ban on high gravity beer; clarify the status of homebrewing as a legal, fun, and wholesome hobby; promote Mississippi’s beer, brewpub, and brewing industries and small businesses; and work to broaden the appreciation of craft beer for all Mississippians.

History of Raise Your Pints

In 2007, a small group of people met in Jackson, MS to discuss the archaic beer laws in MS. This small group of people would eventually become a slightly less small group called Mississippians for Economic & Beverage Advancement. Possessing next to no knowledge of the legislative process but plenty of passion, these people set about trying to increase awareness of the issue, recruit supporters and try and make headway against what would turn out to be some pretty substantial opposition, mostly from certain businesses and business interests, to this common sense change that would be a win-win for everyone in our state.

It surprises some people, ourselves included, that the biggest opposition would be businesses engaging in a little “rent-seeking”. With such a small group of citizens, even at MEBA’s peak we had less than 1,000 supporters, the consensus was that our best shot was to get a bill in play and work on individual Senators and Representatives with what support we had.

Without a well staffed organization, the only shot we had was a low-key, friendly campaign that relied on informing the principles and grass-roots supporters while – and this is the catch – not giving too much away to the business interests opposing us. Many hundreds of man-hours went into the fight for that bill and we were disappointed when it failed. For some of us, a better word would be furious.

This was the catalyst that initiated the restructuring of MEBA into the group that will make this change a reality:

Raise Your Pints Inc.

We need your help to do this. We can’t do this with a handful of people, and we can’t do this with a few hundred people. Modernizing our beer laws is going to take thousands of us. Please consider signing up as a member. Recruit your friends who love craft beer or oppose government intrusions into our liberty. Participate in RYP fundraisers around the state. It’s our time. This is our chance to be part of history, stand up for individual liberty, and create a Mississippi with a world class beer culture!

Help us lift the cap!

Mississippi is the only state in the country that limits alcohol by weight (ABW) for beer to only 5%.

As statewide Prohibition came to an end in Mississippi, the only politically viable avenue open to those who wanted the sale of alcohol to once again be legal in the state was to place heavy restrictions on that sale. What, when, where, and how alcohol could be sold were all strictly controlled by the legislation which legalized alcohol sales in Mississippi — 33 years after National Prohibition was repealed.

Many states placed similar restrictions on alcohol immediately after Prohibition was repealed. Yet while the rest of the country has progressed beyond the attitude of Prohibition, Mississippi retains artificial and antiquated limits on the sale of beer. This limits consumer choice, stifles the state’s beer, retail and restaurant businesses, and limits state tax revenue as thousands of Mississippians purchase their specialty beer in neighboring states.

Let’s join the rest of the country and lift the ABW cap.

The ABW Limit

The 5% ABW limit excludes approximately 1/3 of the world’s beer styles, some of them the finest, highest quality beverages on earth. Entire styles of specialty beers fall above this limitation, such as barleywine, a strong ale with a typical ABW between 8-13%. Barleywines are elegant and expensive, sometimes cellared and aged for years like a fine Cabernet. Another elite group of beers, those brewed by Trappist Monks in Belgium (considered by many to be the greatest beer in the world) is comprised almost entirely of beers above 5% ABW. These “Dubbels” and “Trippels” are currently illegal in Mississippi.

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