LIO Operation Democracy: Of 44 Targeted Countries, 14 Bettered


LIO OPERATION DEMOCRACY– an effort coalesced in 2009 to use dialogue and social networking tools so citizens may improve problem regimes and then spread information for long term change towards more e.g. privatization, tolerance, Fusion voting/DDIR and MMP (“DEMO”)– is after some 3 years driving vast changes, say activists, in 44 targeted nations (about 1/4th of the total). The effort is one of a series where action is pre-cordinated some 20-10 years in advance through networking starting with e.g. professionals and retired or promising public servants and veterans, as was done in the former coercive Communist nations.

It is anticipated this will open or improve the way for Lib-interested groups such as think tanks, Libertarian Citizen social communities, and LI fan call teams for example, along with networking regional conferences  and an effort to bring Libertarian-Liberal and eco-aware aware rights parties or teams to all nations to entrench change through education and respectful dialogue, and build the prosperous and tolerant secular middle-working class receptive to S.M.I.L.E. themes.

Targeted countries are those without freedom of or from religion, or with serious deficits in democratic and liberalistic norms.

A core of LIO Fellows, Friends and fans have been sharing information and boosting morale in contact with some 2 million people in the targeted countries, mostly in the Mid-East and Africa. Those already on their way to democracy, such as China which has adopted a privatization policy and vowed to devolve into a peaceful and democratic “United States of China” were not targeted for what LIO calls “heightened interest” –though Lib fans there have been meeting with leaders resulting in informal movement towards more privatization and promises of localist democracy.


Despite an informational to leaders of all targeted countries that asked heads of state to reform or step aside for coming changes, many leaders reacted with puzzlement and the media was rife with conspiracy or convoluted social change theories. What was happening was simple: the emerging, tolerant, and fed-up middle class used the timely offer of LIO curator-blessed  tools to network across borders and take peaceful action –using their freely chosen and autonomous tactics.

Participants distributed millions of items by personal social networking, organized workshops on using e-tools for co-ordination, and more. Regrettably, in some countries elements created violence in the peaceful effort which forbids partisan or other attacks on authorities. The effort adopted the same blessed tactics that re-opened and re-structured the Communist and many petty fascist dictatorships in the 80’s from the USSR to the Philippines–simultaneously networking workers, professionals/students/small business, and discontented public officials, suggesting Libertarian-Liberal lines of approach, and let the heightened means of communication and sense of trans-national unity do the rest along the networks in a vast domino/neural network effect.

The actions thus have  shared techniques of peaceful petition and civil resistance or protest; set contact groups to assure  sustained campaigns involving e.g. meetings with key leaders, small-business and worker strikes, demonstrations targeted to shut down cities, marches or rallies. E-social media from Facebook to Twitter along with tools such as pamphlets and the libertarian quiz directing to web sites or meetings,  phone-trees, network trees among lead professionals, ham radio, ciphered communication in public areas, cell phone blasts, etc. were shared at organizing workshops by LIO and LI  fans, some underway since 2001. In addition, many senior public officials applied co-ordinated pressure for dialogue and re-opening.

Efforts of a more personal nature ranged from a meeting with Iraqi legislators and Burmese monks to explain exactly what democracy and Liberal federalism was, to groups to empower women with business tools and calls for things such as driver’s licenses. In addition many people who follow LIO suggestions reached out through Sister Cities, the Soros group, and many other means of facilitation.

Changed nations so far in the long-e term effort include:

  1. Algeria
  2. Burma/Myanmar
  3. Bahrain
  4. Dubai
  5. Egypt
  6. Iraq
  7. Jordan
  8. Kuwait
  9. Libya
  10. Morocco
  11. South Sudan
  12. Syria
  13. Tunisia
  14. Yemen

(UPDATE: Unwelcome US  intervention supporting extreme-right Islamic terror groups is thought to be complicating things in Syria and Libya. In Syria LIO Friends and LI activists have withdrawn until peace is restored. )

Countries have seceded, heads of state have been moved along or on the verge of resignation, substantial promises of change have occurred, and elections are growing.


LIO curator and LIO lead founder M. Gilson (MG) cautioned that this was a “3 steps forward, 2 back” process and a retrenchmnent towards conservatism as people became familiar with new democratic tools was normal, and to be met with continued and peaceful education including by LIO fans on all SMILE lines. He stated they are in many cases way ahead of where the US was at inception; and that LIO would encourage networking so activists will not stop until all nations are secular, localist democracies with a growing movement towards DEMO and general tolerance and UN norms condign with voluntary ideals and local autonomy: “Libertarians are and have been for some time the only real factor in national defense and foreign policy. In many countries they are the sole Liberal presence. Whatever governments are trying to do, it’s DOA without Libertarian assent. Libertarian information on voluntary options and the growing international sense of community assist natural trends no coercive institution can withstand. Governments should stick to emergencies and short term humanitarian help and let civil society work. Please keep the armies at home: We’re awakening or sending in the Libertarians and Liberals.”

Several late lead LIO persons were invovled in developing the effort, including LI co-founders Dr. John Hospers and David Nolan, and LIO Group counsel and advisor to the LI founding team Geraldine Ferraro, past UN Ambassador for Human Rights.

LI fans and LIO Friends and fans say they will be developing contact and call groups in each nation as change occurs, and are continuing personal efforts for peaceful change in many nations,  including Vatican City. It is anticipated that international continuing efforts will rally around programs for DEMO and home school facilitation/positive-type parenting as ‘wedge’ issues to network the highly active and intelligent in each country long-term.

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