Win: Kenya Leaders Mull Gay Decrim

Kenyan activists are navigating great cultural changes with some trying to use this as a breakthrough issue towards tolerance and democracy…and citing US public figures for support. This is a drastic change from international LIO/Lib campaign in 2010-11 that exposed, stopped US right-wing extreme religious interference  in the region to make being gay or even discussing the subject a capital crime…Now the first step of  developing consensus is being taken…

…In Kenya the Kenya National Commission for Human Rights repeated a call to decriminalise homosexuality.

…A similar call was first made (and very quickly withdrawn after a negative reaction from President Daniel arap Moi) in or about 1999 by Fida-Kenya. The KNCHR made their call, which is well within their mandate as the nation’s rights watchdog, in a report on safeguarding sexual and reproductive health rights. The report, launched on Thursday, is as a result of a public inquiry that had been set up by the commission to examine the extent and nature of violations of the two rights.

As expected, they attracted flak from the usual suspects namely Christian and Muslim clergy. In this the leaders of the two main faiths in Kenya showed that like our parliamentarians, they can agree on certain things when it suits them. There was also grumbling from the usual amorphous grouping of self-appointed traditional (or more to the point, tribal) watchmen including one group calling itself the Kikuyu Council of Elders. These elders to be echoing their (constitutionally recognised) counterparts in South Africa the South Africa’s National House of Traditional Leaders which recently called on parliament to delete a clause in the constitution that guarantees equal rights to homosexuals in South Africa.

The leaders, who advise the government on traditional laws and customs among ethnic groups such as the Zulu and Xhosa, want South Africa, the only African country, and one of a handful around the whole world to allow gay marriage and adoption to scrap the part of its constitution adopted after the fall of apartheid in 1994, which reads: “The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including, sexual orientation.”

These old men who like to sit under the shade of trees and ruminate about the world as other people get on with life would as one irate newspaper reader in SA wrote to the editor of a national newspaper “usher in a new age of gay oppression. They would rather have the state crack down on the gays and their partners, maybe their immediate families, friends and people who support and protect them. They will spend millions, if not billions on this new “Anti-Gay witch hunt”, ensuring that the masses of South Africa are saved from Homosexuality.”

As all this was going on, the President of the United States, Barack Obama who was hailed by most Africans back in 2008 as “one of our own” was dropping his own (long expected) bombshell on the issue saying basically he supports marriage for all people and that includes gays and lesbians. Again as was to be expected in the country that gave the rest of the world the modern Christian religious right, social conservatives and religious leaders were the first in line to condemn the President’s remarks…


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