Win ND,US:Large Vote For No Taxes,Conscience Areas Change Debate

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LI fan call teams say debate is now changed after seeking to test the direct-democracy viability of  2 of the more ‘radical’ elemets of the Libertarian reform and are happy with the first vote to abolish state property taxes ever and move to a sovereign fund system, vowing to use the momentum in the unexpected 1/4th approval to press for reforms and another vote down the road with a clearer program and effort to abolish all property and income taxes there.

After initial work in 2005, efforts were magnified by  the empower the taxpayer coalition

The Empower The Taxpayer is a non-profit political coalition dedicated to the proposition that government stability need not come at the expense of the security and stability of the people it serves. Members of this coalition and sponsors of Measure 2 come from all walks of life, public and private, and includes homeowners, renters, farmers and ranchers, single mothers, grandparents, business owners, county commissioners and State Legislators.

Chairman: Charlene Nelson 701-205-6994
Vice Chairman: Cathy Cartier │Cathy’s Bio│ 701-826-4121 or (C) 701-770-2035
Secretary: Susan Beehler │Susan’s Bio│ 701-220-2297
Treasurer: Dennis Stillings │Dennis’ Bio│ 701-490-2800
Legal Counsel: Robert Hale 701-721-9782

Legislative aides say legislators, who thought a well-financed pro-tax campaign by business interests benefiting from taxes would bottle up the initiative, are stunned by the reception to the revolutionary idea. Teams will address the tie to oil-revenue of the funds to other sources they feel hindered understanding. See OPERATION DIGNITY for historical background .

In addition an unusal coalition got 35% on a measure to allow conscience exceptions to statutes. Another effort will be more refined to non-religious concerns as it was heavily identified with Catholic support.

…More than 76% voted “no” in Tuesday’s initiative to get rid of the property tax, according to returns from the North Dakota Secretary of State.


North Dakota boasts the lowest state unemployment rate in the country and has become the nation’s second-biggest oil producer. As a result of the energy rush, government coffers are flush with revenue.

The proposal, known as Measure 2, would have amended the state’s constitution. If it had been approved, North Dakota would have been the only state without a property tax, according to the Tax Foundation, a research group that advocates for lower taxes.

Connie Sprynczynatyk, executive director of the North Dakota League of Cities and an opponent of the proposal, said there is no guarantee that the oil boom revenue is here to stay.

“North Dakotans have long been fans of local control,” she said. “We were confident as soon as people realized the measure’s dramatic shift away from local control, they would not support the measure.”

Property tax is assessed based on the estimated value of a property. It is typically the source of a steady stream of revenue to fund government projects. At the same time, anti-tax advocates often identify it as a burdensome hit to homeowners.

Charlene Nelson, head of Empower the Taxpayer, the grassroots organization pushing Measure 2, had wanted to eliminate a tax that she considers unfair because it pushes many local citizens out of their homes who are on fixed incomes or have lost their jobs.

The economic boost of the new oil boom would have made this the perfect time for North Dakota voters to ban the property tax, she said.

While tax revenue at all the states grew an average of 9% last year, North Dakota’s revenue surged 44%, according to Joe Henchman, vice president of legal and state projects at the Tax Foundation. From 1997 to 2011, the state’s tax revenue has increased about 10% per year, while nationally it has risen about 4% per year…



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