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Lib-type communities are being called quasi-governments, taking over and often abolishing or privatizing  many functions to better effect.

Once derided as wildly anarchist and impractical, Libertarian mini-archies are now a world trend. The last generation has seen the growing legalization, use and combination of voluntary communiuties/condominiums, designed or intentional communities, and neighborhood associations which has created a wave of market-based or localist entities that have taken back  (and often then ended) a vast array of powers once thought headed irrevocably towards central control. For a seminal libertarian book, see ‘Art of Community’ by MacCallum–as the GOOGLESEARCH indicates…

Concerns exist that people do not use open and aboveboard libertarian management approaches, however, importing the old coercoive approaches in some cases…See how one government is trying to come to terms with the effective secession of many neighborhoods, say residents, from once top-down city management:

The Meritocracy Myth – North Carolina Sociological Association




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by SJ McNamee – Cited by 131Related articles
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Quasi-Governmental. Homeowners’ associations today function in many respects as small municipal governments regulating many aspects of the daily lives of


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