Win:Egypt 31-Year Emergency Law Ends–Many Remain Worldwide

Libs have long campaigned and were the first to identify the problems and self-serving hysterias of runaway emergency laws—but Egypt’s example calls to mind the myriad emergency decrees and statutes  such as the bizarre US Patriot Act…

(AP Photo. )

CAIRO: Egypt’s notorious emergency law has expired, ending 31 years of broad powers to detain and arrest for a police force accused of severely abusing its far-reaching authority.

Since former President Anwar Sadat’s 1981 assassination, the security forces were empowered to detain and arrest people without charge, keep them locked up despite court releases and extract confessions under torture. Abuses almost always went unpunished. And at one point under the ousted regime of Hosni Mubarak, human rights groups said there were more than 10,000 people in detention

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