Africa:Work for Free Immigration,Trade Spread

African leaders are increasingly calling for discussion of pan-African free or relaxed immigration and trade to build the middle class in a major shift in legal thinking.

Windhoek — The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Utoni Nujoma, says Africa should redouble its efforts to promote continental integration and boost intra-African trade and economic cooperation on a continent that is touted as an economic growth point.

“Namibia will continue to play its part in promoting economic cooperation among African countries and promoting intra-African trade,” said Nujoma who spoke at an early Africa Day celebration organised by African Heads of Mission last week Thursday.

Friday was Africa Day. This year the theme for Africa day was, ‘Boosting Intra-African Trade’.

Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to Namibia, Kaboba Kasongo Wa Kimba, said: “Nothing could be better than the need for more intra-Africa trade which will benefit our small and medium enterprises with a view to creating a wide African middle class.”

He added that intra-Africa trade would require the removal of common artificial boundaries and the relaxation of visa regimes, which should come under “serious consideration”.

Nujoma said Namibia has already participated in projects that can enhance intra-African trade, such as the Trans-Kalahari and Trans-Caprivi highways. Others include the implementation of the Walvis Bay-Maputo Corridor, the implementation of the Southern African Power Pool, and the West Africa Cable System

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