Lib-Based USAN South American Union Slowly Spreads

As described in the article, many Latin countries are developing a free trade, immigration and work union and mechanisms of common governance with ‘wild’ libertarian proposals such as simplifying then eliminating all passports, tariffs, and trade barriers.

Single market

One of the initiatives of UNASUR is the creation of a single market, beginning with the elimination of tariffs for non-sensitive products by 2014, and for sensitive products by 2019. The process is to be developed upon the progressive convergence of the procedures of pre-existing Mercosur and CAN subregional economic blocks…

Free movement of peoples

Visits by South American citizens to any South American independent country of up to 90 days only require an identification document issued by the traveler’s country. In November 24, 2006, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela abolished visa requirements for tourists between any of those nations.

Mercosur, Bolivia and Chile established that their territories together form an “area of free residence with the right to work” to all its citizens, with no additional requirements other than nationality. The Free Movement and Residence Agreement was established in the Brasília summit based in a previous document signed in December 6, 2002.[26]

Citizens of any Mercosur countries will have a simplified process in temporary residence visa of up to 2 years in any other member countries, with the requirements of a valid passport, birth certificate, and no criminal record. Temporary residence can become permanent if a licit means of living can be verified.[27]

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