Egypt Libertarians Say Election Is 1st Major Win

Egyptian LI Libertarians who were key in leading change say they’re delighted at polls showing 20% support for Liberalism-Libertarianism there reflectig many years of work, and  hail the recent election as a needed first step in long- term betterment steps of:

  1. Democratic elections and dialogue, and stabilizing a policy of anti-corruption, peace and co-operation
  2. Growth of secular, market choice and tolerance legalization, and transparency
  3. Increasing rights and service choice, and a formal Libertarian movement

LI -fan libertarians say they will be meeting to lay out areas of focus for the next few years, and begin contacting and meeting policymakers and community leaders including contacts in the Brotherhood and Christian community there interested in Lib perspectives. They  will also be meeting with activists in other Mid-East countries to spread the model.


Islamists who vow moderation had been providing well-thought of-charity as dictator floundered, after all…Now the work begins to gently move towards a more secular and democratic society welcoming freer markets as all benefit

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