Special: Share the LI Model

The spread of the Gilson Libertarian Reform is an often 3 steps forward, 2 back process to encourage dialogue in steps of :

  1. Stronger Civil Society & More Participative Federal Democracy,
  2.  Fair Secular/Market Democracy;
  3. Voluntary Communities that builds on previous momentum and networks with other programs. LI Teams are-often the sole militant Liberal let alone Liberal/Libertarian progressive  presence in many (especially small) nations.

Never be discouraged by temporary ‘setbacks’ but prepare for people needing time to assimilate combined with pointless counter-attacks as normal to dialogue…our very existence shows we all are moving forward and implementing specific improvements in a process that sometimes takes generations–but where satisfactory betterment can happen in specific areas sooner than you think. 

People have different talents and interests when it comes to these matters. LIO www.libertarian-international.org Friends and fans share their catalyzing social and personal entrepreneurship that builds civil society and self-empowerment on SMILE themes, www.LibertarianBookClub.org book clubs share core info and civic action, and there is an effort to start formal SMILE/lib-interested non-partisan social communities with focus on citizen summits and volunteering (www.libertarian-citizen.org) etc.

We serve as rally point for solo and small autonomous teams to carry out the 3 stages in law/policy with especial focus on themes of the Gilson Reform–the idea that each branch of public policy and programs  should have a legal voluntary options as well. Participants volunteer or share projects to better contact and lines of awareness and civic action to normalize more voluntary options via

  • Direct Democracy, DDIR and other tools, and collaborative coalition and petition work; in time model action groups in each nation
  • Informing officials, media and educators  via e-comment, web, letter, phone call, direct meeting, public testimony, etc.
  • Discuss Community and group open management tools and data.

Our focus is on you, the citizen, as true source of governance. To participate, simply join our site, Twitter of FB–stay informed–work and share wins or tips on your preferred action items. Anonymity is allowed.

This site reports the positive wins and analysis based on what Libertarians are actually doing, not what people assume is happening. Add your win to our good news every weekday.

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