Libertarians Wins vs Islamic Extremists in Mali, Maldives, Somalia

  1. (Extremists attack their own monuments in attack on Timbuktu)
  2. Undersores need for secession/autonomy approach in Taureg issues in Mali
  3.  and  (Malidves President calls for restoration of democratic action)
  4. and (Work on Somalia federation )
  5. and ( Somaliland confederate breakaway is working no matter what world community is told)

The spread of the Gilson Libertarian Reform is a 3 steps forward, 2 back process to encourage dialogue on : Stronger Civil Society & More Particpative Federal Democracy, Fair Secular/Market Democracy, Voluntary Communities that builds on previous momentum and networks with other programs As LI Teams–often the sole militant Liberal presence in the country– and libertarian/liberals push for dialogue and social entrepreneurship world democracy with secular tolerance and markets, in some cases right- and Islamic-extremists/fascists allied with local gangsters  in particular wildly  push back and break out into internecine warfare—but world media and e.g. UN response remains confused by older conceptions and even bizarre anti-libertarian claims that such warfare ‘makes Somalia a libertarian paradise’ often poushed, say commenters, by obvious right-wing and government-connected trolls…some with groups backed by the Iranian regime.

  1. (June 2012) LI Libertarians were working to help build political dialogue and more when armed extremist groups originally financed by US right, say critics, to topple Khaddafi attempted to take over the democratic country. Several libs have been in a variety of Peace Corps/Civil Society type projects…LI fans working on a project to persuade owners to copy ancient texts in Timbuktu libraries have left for the capital and decry the city under siege. Hope is that a UN-blessed inter-regional force will restore order. Mali has been an emerging multi-party democracy moving forward when the attack came, and public support for democracy is high, hence the Islamist extremist violent frustration.
  2. The Maldive President was moving to cut taxes and create secular social services based on endowments financed by tourist taxes not citizen ones  ( In cluding basic retirment, elder and women’s care) , improve tolerance and science secular education , and develop a fund to purchase land abroad as a last protection for the sinking island nation being overcome by sea levels…and more… when a group thought financed by right-wing Islamic regimes staged a ‘popular’ revolution and ‘restore Sharia’ in the growing tourist paradise. A small but influential Libertarian reading club and LI team will meet later this Spring with community leaders.
  3. A Libertarian-informed network continues to push for Somalia Federal Democracy and a secular and non-punitive Lib-like law version of the XEER or Somali common law system based on voluntary compensation and community juries. In the West, web trolls continue to misinform on their work as “libertarian anarchism…” See articles at  (with links to work on the XEER ) for additional background. LI encourages Libertarians and Liberals working to spread the idea of federalism and local autonomy that worked well in separtaing Czechoslovakia.
  4. A province aided by LIO supportive Libertarian advisors  has broken away, adopted many Libertarian ideas and is prospering in peace: Somaliland. LI teams are encouraging continued connections with Somalia to move towards some form of localist confederacy without extremism.


In summary, where there was no democracy and intolerance, now it grows with LI teams getting into poistion as extremists seek to stop the process and lead fruadulent or violent revolts aided by misinformation from their right-extremist allies of whatever faith  in the West.

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