MO, US Win: Libertarians Lead Ending Mover License Law; Special


Most license laws do not do any sort of meaningful inspection and serve to either shut out competition for favored companies or generate unaccountable tax revenue and empire-building for officials. LI Teams across the US help bring this problem to the attention of policymakers– along with think tanks, legal groups, say Hispanic Libertarios.

Friday, July 13th, 2012 | Posted by

…Tim Sandefur, a senior attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation,

shares some good news from the state of Missouri

at the instigation of PLF’s lawsuit, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon
signed legislation repealing that state’s oppressive licensing law
for moving companies. Under the old law, a person applying for
permission to operate a moving company was required to submit to a
licensing scheme under which existing moving companies were given
the privilege of basically vetoing the application. We challenged
that law on behalf of St. Louis entrepreneur Michael Munie, and
argued the case in federal district court in April. But in the
meantime, state lawmakers passed legislation repealing the law, and
this afternoon, Governor Nixon signed that bill, thus opening the
road for economic opportunity in the Show Me State.

Good riddance to a bad law.

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