Analysis:In NH, Libertarians & Right Fight For Pot vs Left

Libertarian alliances often are increasingly the backbone in determing whether another  party will stand up for rights. In NH, some 1/5th of the legislature has attended Lib-direction workshops and many GOP have attended other events and so worked on common ground–while many Dem leaders have focused on opposing the GOP whatever the issue. The bizarre result in terms of the usual political paradign is that the Libs and GOP almost got medical Marihuana passed–but were temporarily halted by 2 Senate Dems who changed their vote and the veto of the purportedly ‘progressive’ Democratic Governor. Another Senator who would have made enough did not act when it was clear the Dems were reversing course, say aides.  

Many Dems are dismayed of course, and Dems in general being targeted by the LI contact team there, and  things look good says NORML for the next round.

New Hampshire Governor’s Veto Dooms Medical Marijuana Measure

Members of the New Hampshire state Senate this morning failed to override Governor John Lynch’s veto of SB 409, which sought to allow for the personal possession, cultivation, and use of cannabis by qualified patients. The Senate voted 13 to 10 to override the Governor’s veto. However, 16 total ‘yes’ votes were necessary to achieve the two-thirds Senate majority necessary to enact SB 409 into law.

Although House members had overwhelmingly backed SB 409, Senate support for the measure had consistently been more evenly split, with Senate members having previously voted 13-9 in favor of the bill. According to a MPP news release, two Democratic Senators, Lou D’Allesandro and Sylvia Larsen, reversed their prior ‘yes’ votes on the bill and decided to uphold the veto of Gov. Lynch, who is also a Democrat.

In 2009, Gov. Lynch vetoed a separate, more restrictive medicinal cannabis law. That year, members of the Senate also fell just shy of the votes necessary to override him.

While today’s outcome is disappointing, the future nonetheless looks bright for the passage medical cannabis legalization in New Hampshire. Lynch, a four-term governor, recently announced that he would not be seeking re-election in 2012. Hopefully, New Hampshire’s next Governor will listen to the will of its people and to the majority of state lawmakers and sign medical marijuana legalization into law. If so, the Granite State will soon join fellow New England states Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont..

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