May Day 2013: Libertarians Work to Free Up Unions


…and a growing number of  LI activists are working to spread the word particularly in the US (Wisconsin) Africa and Asia…

Unions are a building block of free societies and valuable voluntary tool . Our approach in the Reform is to see unions not so much as a matter of voluntary association but personal agency, as with the right to an attorney or mediator that cannot be bargained away. Current restrictions on unions abound:

  • Restrictions on unionization when it should be automatic–or forced use of corrupt unions
  • Hostile attitides  diverting towards focus on minimum wages instead of co-operative raising of prosperity as in Sweden to a large extent
  • Managers and small business may not unionize, and public employee contracts are often summarily altered by statute
  • Numerous petty regulations including on collective bargains
  • Restrictions on wage levels and worker co-operatives including highly unfavorable taxes
  • Border blocks to cross unionization
  • Attitude that one needs on one union, and over focus on wages instead of the whole picture
  • The 1-2 day workweek is long overdue if one squeezes out backfiring corecive taxes, regulations, and internal management inefficiencies
  • So called right to work laws that hinder union-employer associative agreements ( agency agreements may not be restricted in the Reform)
  • Measures hindering provision by worker associations of medical care, services, lifestyle communities, etc
  • Government officials being allowed to populate unions with organized crime/mafias or political party cronies as in the coercive Communist era


A common example in the US is when companies try to have worker committees freely examine for inefficiencies, government officals setp in with restrictive rules or outright prohibitions. In many countries one is still harassed for seeking unionization.

From LIO:

Let’s remember today that May Day–the day of the worker–was proposed by libs of the time, hijacked by coercive Commies, and now once again LIO  is the one international group calling for dialogue on lifting all union coercive restrictions…and that adoption of even some modern Lib tools has lead to amazing prosperity for workers, legalization of social community, etc.

See: …so long as it is rights-based and voluntary, we say take a look.


LI adds… See also:–

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