Ireland: Libertarians For Gay Referendum

Libertarians and LI activists in Ireland are making slow but relentless progress in getting a national dialogue on gay marriage.

After initial approval by a constitutive body, gay unions were rejected in the Assembly but a referendum is in the offing. Many of the LI activists wore previously at work with the Libertarian-oriented Progressive Democrats, now a defunct party after several vitories.

 The work is part of a coalition to secularize the Constitution and public policy after what many call years of coercive religious and socialist abuses and interference. They point out even a referendum loss would be a massive victory by organizing and giving voice for continued work.




Ireland is to hold a referendum on legalising gay marriage after a special convention set up to reform the Irish constitution recommended that same-sex couples in the republic be recognised in law.

The convention voted 79% in favour of full equality for same-sex marriage in Dublin on Sunday.

Under the Irish constitution any major constitutional change has to be ratified by the electorate.



The Irish Council for Civil Liberties and the Gay and Lesbian Network welcomed the endorsement of gay marriage equality.

The Marriage Equality director Moninne Griffith said the vote proved “Ireland is ready for equality for same-sex couples and wants equal access to civil marriage for loving committed gay and lesbian couples”.

The Gay and Lesbian Network director Brian Sheehan described the vote as a “historic day – a major milestone on the remarkable journey” towards full equality.

The convention was established by the Fine-Gael-Labour coalition to secularise much of the Irish constitution


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