As LI Libertarians Lead Pot Legality, Right Says Stop Whining

…However, it just so happened that within the two or three days prior to that townhall, a brief one-page bill had been dropped in the United States House of Representatives specifically aimed at legalizing Pot. Libertarians and leaf-lovers alike caught wind of the bill and began making a small, albeit noisy public deal about it. The Congressman was briefed about the bill prior to the event and was warned that it was likely that questions would come up surrounding its contents.

If you have never been to a Congressional townhall, they can get pretty rowdy. People supporting or opposing a particular hot button issue love to show up en masse and scream, yell, hoot, holler, and even cry. At this event, there was a lot of emotion.

The Congressman got through his initial presentation – again, about the economy – and opened the floor to questions. A stream of people ran up to the microphones with the first few asking about Weed. The Congressman calmly admitted to knowing…


Remember–they ridicule when you’re winning.

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