Analysis: US Bob Barr’s Libertarian Gay Marriage Journey

Engagement: The author of the hated DOMA Bob Barr called for the ‘elimination’ of libertarians as ‘a national and world threat’ only then to be ousted as a GOP Congressman by a US Libertarian Party led coalition campaign proposed by LIO co-ordinator Michael Gilson and LP staff leader R. Crickenberger–and was thes invited to meet with them, local LP and LI leaders, then came on MG’s then radio show, and after what he called ‘sincere discussion and difficult reflection’ in dicussion with many pro-Objectivists and Libertarian fans changed views towards state level action and more tolerance, became surprise US LP ( ) Prez candidate in 2008, and now as a ‘Libertarian-receptive’ GOP leader is seen as a voice of tolerance around platform of at least state localism. Contrast his evolution to others on the extreme right e.g.  SCOTUS justice Scalia maintains the Federal government has the right to regulate all bedroom behavior. Barr’s disavowal of his DOMA was said by many activists influential in changing attitudes.

Many on the right have experienced a similar epiphany when exposed to a) the Gilson libertarian reform and b) the fact that pro-libertarians are a growing yet benign civic force. Barr’s comments:

“I personally believe marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman and, if it were on the ballot in Georgia, I’d vote that way. However, I have come to believe that it’s yet one more example of the federal government’s delving into areas that throughout our history have been best left to the states. I trust the judgement of the people of Georgia more than that of Washington, DC.” – Barr

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