US: Prez Obama Reaches Out to Libertarianism on Climate

So he says at:

Our top 3:

  1. Continued trend towards private lawsuits on pollution issues, with in each region courts guided also by reasonable phased goals towards pre-industrial levels of non-pollution.
  2. Review of areas where pollution over property lines is being allowed by statute e.g. nuclear plants, dumping by agencies, government monopoly waste plants, favored corporations, etc. or lack of public awareness e.g. unused medicaments into waste systems unable to process them for now–especially in polluting seas and rivers with many unexpected effects for the eco-system in general and climate systems.
  3. Tax relief / tarriffs for eco-friendly homes/business e.g. self-generated energy, natural building methods or retrofits that reduce heat use, etc. Long-term foundation for voluntary contributions for starter mega-grants building of protective sea walls or in the alternative ( global cooling/sea retirement) sea communities, and  micro-grants on experimental issues to citizens in certain projects e.g. working with NASA on meteor dangers ( as just announced 6/13 by NASA and long-proposed by Libs).

Things that can be done immediately on these lines:

  • Review all Executive ( Presidential ) orders for areas of opportunity
  • Request Congress and States review past statutes to these ends
  • A citizen’s commission involving representatives of each party to solicit citizen ideas in town meeting format 

President Obama said: …he is “willing to work with anybody, Democrats, Republicans, independents, Greens, Libertarians, anybody.” As far as is known, this is the first time President Obama, since he has been president or even since he first became a presidential candidate, has publicly mentioned involving libertarian and green groups.

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