View: GOP Anti-Bestiality Jihad Stealth Targets Gays, Kids, Blacks?

Interested Libertarian Institute ( www.Libertarian-Institute.Info )fans and activists should be aware of this so called ‘anti-bestiality ( properly Animal love or tolerably, zoophilia) statute’ dynamic meant to empower a new faith-based social police.

Here are some thoughts to help you understand and drive dialogue on this bizarre side-attack on your rights. This is a long-term action by past anti-LGBT/social tolerance  activists hoping to brainwash towards intolerance and stage a comback in a few decades. Note from articles it is side-promoted by the same type of often ‘faith-based’ pseudo-experts who once claimed freethinking oral sex was a sure sign of Communist pathology, anti-religious hatred, and psychotic mental deficiency.

NB: We’re not advocates of Animal Love but the process of dialogue on rights and voluntary, non-punitive approaches that actually help solve the problem. In natural law so long as the animal etc. seems agreeable and no inhumanity or harm inflicted it is not a statutory concern, nor should things be handled by punishment.–MG


In the US in 2001, Animal Love was legal in most states. At present (2013) it is in 33 after a campaign led by former anti-LBGT activists while legal in 27 and,  ironically, 2 allow free use of marihuana…What is going on all of a sudden? See:

Summary: Animal love is legal in many states but religious extremists and past anti-gay activists in the GOP have been spreading a campaign to criminalize it including ridiculing any Libs, or confusing opponents with claims their real concern is animal abuse. This is the usual GOP strategy of obessessing over a fringe issue and deriding opponents for ‘focusing on fringe issues’…

In the past the GOP SUPPORTED legalization because it saw it as an improper extension of government taxes. DO YOUR HOMEWORK in your state on the law especially past statements by GOP in the legislature supporting legalization.

The Libertarian issue is NOT legalization but attacking the GOP campaign as yet another example of loopy fringe right-wing extremism in the GOP. What will they argue next–touching a sex aid should be prohibited as ‘object love’?  They’re already getting ready.

For Libertarian legal focus see


The US GOP extreme religious right-wing is once again attempting to re-impose medieval Religious hate statutes derived from e.g. the Medieval Penitential Codes by chipping away at fringe issues. When right-wing religious extremists who normally hate each other are joining forces to push such as matter in several countries, something is up: Yet another criminal conspiracy to reverse the tolerance growth driven by the Libertarian Gilson Reform, and one pro-Libertarians will inevitably derail and then use to continue to help victims expose and peacefully exterminate the extreme right-wing ( as all anti-rights extremists) as how it often operates: a civic social/legislative pathology. The below includes  what unhappy senior people close to the matter have to say who contacted some Lib attorneys in the LI project on a confidential basis: ‘The aim is to build and renew a faith-based social police in every bedroom and reverse the social tolerance movement.”

Now working worldwide through fascist elements in the IDU and so-called Christian Social Democrats ( on the whole sincere conservatizing movements) the GOP extremists have over the past few years started a self-proclaimed Jihad against Animal Love that is now ramping up. Dissident Operatives admit the real target of extremist conservatives and religious nutwings in the GOP now in control of many of its organs is to create an atmosphere where ANY erotic activity can be questioned. You enjoy stroking your cat while in bed? Watch out–here come the Hyper-Conservative sex police with a vengeance, and they won’t stop at a few ‘bestiality’ cases. What are they saying among themselves? ‘We want to bring back the ’50’s–the 1550’s’ …I say: Believe it. Here is the religious extremist conservative long-term strategy to poison our kids with their erotic  intolerance and hatred of any intimacy they don’t culturally control…a stalking horse ( no pun) for political control: The so-called ‘anti-bestiality laws’ aided by sneaky culture war e-conversations that start ‘Should bestiality be legal?’ as if it wasn’t and such a view was normal… ( and in many jurisdictions, only recently de-legalized by their efforts) …


The Libertarian Gilson Reform view on animal ( vegetable, mineral, theological) love is simple to derive:  Do as you please if the other seems happy but be humane and cause no physical harm. If you’re obsessed over the matter see a therapist. The Reform does not allow punitive statutes or coerced cultural norms. The end.

Libertarians as a civic movement don’t focus on every issue extremists manufacture but are against any minority being demonized and for public dialogue. Pro-Libertarian elective candidates should demand direct democracy to bring debate on this and any other divisive  matter as a bulwark against extremism/give voice to stabilize rights and end the culture of minority persecution  by the extreme right or left in the long run.  Interested LI activists should contact pro-tolerance officials to look fairly at all areas.  There is nothing strange here and there is a long cultural complex of analysis: In France they actually have ancient statutes that allow single mothers to symbolically marry trees. Many Libertarians are  for meat substitutes, let alone harmimg an animal.  Animal Love practices are on the whole legal–as are cousin marriage, incest, and more in most or some jurisdictions.

Caution: No pro-Libertarian should use the term ‘bestiality’ except to denounce it as another sneaky right-wing religious-fanatic cultural hate-term such as negro, pornography, sodomy and buggery–and those who wish for punitive statutes against Animal Love should be attacked as the haters of both Animals and the Human race  they are. This is a minor issue in natural law–but the GOP extremists have started another Culture War  Jihad. The last time these stautes were ascendant, religious extremists in the US centuries ago hanged or it is said burned children at the stake–along with opponents–for ‘bestial desires’…often also seizing their property. Why?


Social thinkers have long discussed that the anti-self views of many extreme religious views have a subtle anti-child narrative or effect. As Jesuits say, give us your child at six and you can do what you want later. In recent years the most vociferous and explicitly ‘anti-Libertarian’ anti-gay/pro- end-kid-porn advocates in the Catholic Church ( and many Protestant and Jewsih extreme groups) have been revealed to be viciously violent pederasts or worse. The treatement of the young by rel;igious rule in the past is a horror we’re just getting out of with non-punitive parenting. These are cultures that within living memory had stautes on the books allowing execution of animals for offenses–including sexual–against humans. The mentally disturbed wish to normalize themselves and take control with these statutes yet again.

Yes, they want to execute your child for erotic touching of animals, just as they jailed children for other erotic curiosity and still do. That is a logical consequence–and a good part of the point and explicitly so among themselves say the dissidents. Realize the building blocks are being put in place by the religious right wing in many US states: Statutes to make bestiality a capital felony, allow the death penalty for 12 year olds, the ongoing problem of selective and political enforcement or getting people to ‘behave’ with threatened embarrassing charges by extreme conservative prosecutors,  and the forfeiture statutes. According to several close to a Southern GOP governor, say GOP dissidents, the US went wrong when it lost that old time Puritan religion. They think return to that is a good thing.

Animal love–generally practiced on occasion by a minority of sexual liberals/LGBT, the curious and high IQ young, lonely people in the countryside, and elderly or minority women according to GOP strategists unhappy with the program who’ve contacted pro-Libertarians– is of course legal in many states and countries  but the religious extremist ‘conservatives’ centered in the US  GOP have been in a  recent fringe campaign to criminalize it including quickly ridiculing any Libs for ‘wasting time on the matter’…and not proposing credible rights/scientific health reasons but demonizing minorities Many libs are as unprepared to argue the matter as they’re unprepared to arugue against a law forbidding sexuality wiuth cucumbers.  This is the usual GOP strategy of obessessing over a fringe issue while deriding opponents for ‘focusing on fringe issues’…but has a long term strategy of making sexual use of any objects illegal ( including, say GOP dissidents, cucumbers) to marginalize the erotic minorities once again…as part of making marginalizing minorities OK. Who do they have in mind? According to one reported conversation by GOP policymakers supporting anti-bestiality stautues ‘Snippy kids, niggers, atheists, and anti-religious sex and drug culture that has too much freedom’…

In my experience the way to tell if a right-wing fringe issue is really important to them (there’re so many) is when they attack potential opponents–starting with Greens and pro-Libertarians–as fringily obsessed and impotent for focusing on those GOP  fringe issues, often with the ‘helpful’ suggestion that they Libertarian of Green don’t grow because of such obsession and should drop it.  In recent month we’ve seen an hysterical upswing of  such attacks telling e.g. people to stop talking about legalizing marihuana or gay marriage as the Lib movement achieves victor…and now out–as they did when suddenly attacking Libertarians who weren’t even raising the issue for wanting to get rid of surveillance just before the US Patriot Act was pushed, they’re now attacking Libertarians and others as ‘pro-bestiality- because they’re afraid Libs will notice what they’re doing.


Since God is not a human being, technically Love of God is covered in such statutes. Don’t laugh–the Florida statute is critized as so poorly written it criminalizes all sex with humans. In Africa these statutes–which Libs in East Africa say they are convinced are being pushed by US Religious extremist allied with Islamic Supremacy groups– are being used to compare the LGBT community with animals having no rights and even justify murder of ‘sub-human’ albinos and those who have sex with them.

According to unhappy GOP operatives, the real aim is world re-criminalization of Animal Love as a wedge to re-institute sex control. In the e meantime they’re sending moles in Libertarian groups to disrupt the opposition and portray the LP, for example, as sex-obsessesed. Many right-wing religious crackpots really think Animal Love=Gay Sex as well.

In the past the GOP SUPPORTED legalization because it saw such statutes  as an improper extension of government authority and taxes. GOP officials once derided anti-Animal Love stautes as ‘prohibiting sex with alligators: Just another non-problem to create a bureaucracy’  say GOP old-timers …SO DO YOUR HOMEWORK in your state on the law especially past statements by GOP in the  legislature supporting legalization in the past. Thanks to Libs demanding stautes be placed on the web so searchable this is becoming easier.


This stealth conservative child-abuse strategy is to do what was done with right-wing child pornography statutes to ‘protect’ kids–now being used to jail liberal teens who legally have sex but run afoul of the statutes as they  trade e-photos with their lovers…a non-crime that has now generated a new word: sexting…and then are put in prison as ‘kiddie pornography dealers’ and having to register as sex offenders. It is only 10 or so years since the great Libertarian legal victory against the US Sodomy Statutes  –and so-called ‘anti-bestiality’ ( itself a Christian hate-term ) move is a stealth sideways attack  to reverse erotic liberalization in future decades.

How to expose them? The Libertarian issue is NOT legalization of every minority or unusual behavior the conservatives choose to hate this week but attacking the GOP campaign as yet another example of loopy fringe right-wing extremism in the GOP to open another front in their ‘Culture War. They’re already discussing how to prohibit leather sexwear as (get this) ‘second-hand bestiality’… What will they argue next–touching a sex aid ( i.e. dildo) should be prohibited as ‘object love’? Well, according to people we talked to close to a Southern GOP Governor, they’re already planning it–creating a lawyer’s bonanza where people will debate sexual intent ( Did you get evil pleasure from your KY jelly or just use it to sooth your skin?) and so make it respectable for the extreme religious conservatives to again target the traditional cultural enemies of fringe extremists–the LGBT and free spirited erotic community, the Hi-IQ young, and vulnerable minorities…and anyone they don’t like with yet another arbitrary reason to investigate and arrest people…and the right will once again let public safety go hang as police and courts are now diverted to use most of their resources and time not for actual offenses but to investigate sexually liberal mice under every bed, in a culture where planted evidence and charge stacking is again encouraged –as we saw in conservative statutes that forbade:

  1. Drug use even whjen approved by physician that might alleviate extreme pain or create pleasure
  2. Any initimate contact except in missionary position by married people of the same race, including ‘masturbation with object’
  3. Unmarried co-habitation without police registration after political examination

…all statute types that are declining but existed and Libertarians fought against in living memory in their most extreme forms.

Libertarian legal focus see

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  1. Daisy Berliner · · Reply

    I just posted this on your follow-up article but I figured I’d post this little nugget from Germany here too: Germany recently passed a ban on ALL forms of zoophilia which triggered this – the world’s first – zoophile-rights / bestiality-rights demonstration:

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