Status: Fracking + 11 Libertarian Positions ‘Progressives’ Adopted

People forget that the progressives of a generation ago are today more like the Libs of a generation ago…and were then wildly influenced by Communist coercion ideologies–attitudes seen still in Russia’s attack on gay adoption and more. Here are 10 views progressives denounced as ‘nutty libertarian’ bourgeois and  ‘corporate tool’ not so long ago –and some progressive ignoramuses ( or those die-hard extreme left coercive communists fighting a rear-guard action to re-write history and maintain a staist influence, cheer-led by extreme conservatives) think are actually anti-libertarian positions–so here a dozen first coherently advanced by Libertarian Institute/Gilson Reform advocates:

  1. GMO labeling (Authorities prohibited voluntary labeling which launched the public outcry)
  2. Dangers of fracking and need for simplified anti-pollution lawsuits based on property wrongs
  3. Gay rights, marriage and civil unions
  4. Full drug legalization; Medical and recreational marihuana legalization
  5. Middle-class tax cuts and wider exemptions
  6. Deregulate unions and end ‘right-to-work- statutes
  7. Money for poor through funds rationalization ( EIC) not increasing tax rates on rich
  8. Space development privatization; earth voluntarist Green and recycling campaigns
  9. Corporate capture of regulatory agencies
  10. Fair ballot access
  11. More open immigration –with spread of transparent secular federal democracy option to all nations
  12. Non-punitive corrective systems and end of death penalty/long detentions or large fines

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