3-Rate Measures Guide

Besides encouraging call teams and ‘trialogue’ events, Libertarian Institute seeks to publicize and authorize in each nation and in each major area:

  1. PACS , citizen petitioner core communities or e-networks centered on LI themes,
  2. Centrist parties of rights focused on implementing direct democracy and fair ballot acccess to advance LI themes; and
  3. Attorney-led justice institutes or citizen watchdog groups in each Continent or nation as applicable.

Examples of what we mean are at the bottom of the blog. We will gladly publicize your autonomous project if along the lines below, or you can just share at the Facebooks or other tools provided. Those interested in developing something more long-term with our guidance should read the prospectus below, and contact us at the main (not regional) Facebook e-mail.


These interact with users in our Libertarian-Liberal e-conference and autonomous trialogue projects.

  1. Authorize: We’re developing pilots; please contact us if interested in co-sponsoring in your area.
  2. Publicize: We publicize institutes interested in the approach and information exchange; and representative mother coalitions on issues. Such groups should have intense interest in citizen legal self-instruction, development of the jurists of the future, or public interest legal actions; or development and dissemination of of so-called ‘leaderless’ organizational or participative models condign to Libertarian open and project-based management. Leaders or lead users (along with interested public safety officials, lead activists, public educators or journaliusts, scholars or jurists) of these compose the advisory fellows of the group to keep us and the public appraised of their combined good work.

Our focus is strong libertarian organization as underlying driver or pre-condition to:

  1. Data-driven, continually improving or best-practice based responsive and rights-based civic community;
  2. Stable household and civil society; and
  3. Innovative open management co-operation.

Therefore we work with legal institutes, representative coalitions, and management public information groups only. We do not work with policy think tanks as such, but present and maintain the originary standards that serve as resource for many policy groups.

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