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On Hiatus–A Reminder To Check Out Past Posts.

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India: Dolphins Recognized as Non-Human Persons

Uruguay: LGBT Marriage Stampede

Tunisia: Referenda, Secularism Efforts Continue

Uruguay: Marihuana Effort Gains Speed

Guyana: Anti-Death Penalty Movement Spreads

Saudi Arabia: Continued Focus on Women’s Rights, Council

US: Colorado Contract Cities Discussed

Vatican City: ‘PapaLibbie’ OK with Gays

India: Push to End Death Penalty

UK Victory: Gay Marriage Re-Legalized

US/Canada-NOLA Cops Back Down on Gay/LGBT Arrests

Israel: Libertarian-Backed Peace Referendum

Status: Fracking + 11 Libertarian Positions ‘Progressives’ Adopted

Analysis: Libertarians vs. Myth of Inherent ‘Government’ Functions

Zoophilia: Opinion & Discussion

View: GOP Anti-Bestiality Jihad Stealth Targets Gays, Kids, Blacks?

More on Anti-Zoophile Religious-Right’s Jihad

Coming: More Country Reports

Starting soon we will focus every week in Alphabetic order on what LI activists and friends are doing in the main in each country ( some 195 jurisdictions). After a year or two we feel this will be a helpful history/data-bank, mutual inspiration  and new person intro on what is being ‘done and won ‘ in the […]

Gambia/West Africa: Pro-Libertarians Fight Anti-Albino Hate

Status Portugal: Drug Decriminalization Works-Spiegel


LI Analysis: Arbitration Act Goes Too Far?

2013 Status: Gay Rights Worldwide

Belarus: Progress on Death Penalty Abolition

Opinion: Regulation (Still) Makes Us 75% Poorer?

Russia: LI, Pro-Libertarians To End Anti-Gay Rule

Opinion: A Look Back (at LIO Fellow) Mildred Loving

US: Prez Obama Reaches Out to Libertarianism on Climate

Analysis: Can Court Decisions Necessarily Override Referenda?

Analysis: US Bob Barr’s Libertarian Gay Marriage Journey

US: SCOTUS In Libertarian Gay Marriage Triumph

On Hiatus

On break as we format future stories. Meanwhile check out the great posts at http://www.Libertarian-Institute.Info and share!

Vermont Medical Marihuana Passed

US: GAO to Investigate Concerns on Mystery Government Weapons

US, TN & PA: Libertarian Institute Activists For Liquor Privatization

As LI Libertarians Lead Pot Legality, Right Says Stop Whining

UK Libertarian Institute Activists Bombard Parliament On Gay Issue

Gay Unions Status Update 2013-Analysis

Ireland: Libertarians For Gay Referendum

NZ Gay Legalization: Now Local Measures Discussed, Parliament Sings

Uruguay: Libertarian Institute Activists in Gay Marriage Win

US: Libertarians A-OK That CISPA Web Control Dead

Ghana: Death Penalty Victory

France: LI Activists Help Legalize Gay Marriage, Brace for Backlash

Mexico: Libertarians Spotlight Preventive Detention or ‘Arraigo’

US, OK: Absentee Ballot Access for Disabled in Libertarian Campaign

US: Libertarian Concealed Carry Spreads in 25-year Battle

US: Progressive/LI Libertarians, Activists in Voting Rights Siege

May Day 2013: Libertarians Work to Free Up Unions


US Med Marihuana Legalization Mapped

2012: US In Massive Pro-Libertarian Legal Shift, LI Activists

China LI Libertarians: Massive Gay Marriage Campaign

US: LI Activists, Libertarians Target Pension, Loan Abuses-Analysis

LI Clarification: Immigration Treaty Approach–Analysis

Computer Glitch Fixed, Will Resume Soon

We regret the wordpress    glitch that has affected the site followed by the need for a new volunteer. We have an enormous aount to upload with the many wins by LI teams since November! Send us your latest via the Facebook, and be patient–we’ll be documenting the growing Lib shift of the last recent […]

Reminder:We will be off Hiatus Soon

Our fans have  been busy with many wins worldwide!  We publish M-F with a break starting  in November into January. Please check out our previous reports down our wall…or enjoy our weekly news accumulator zine: or join our Facebook and e-mail us your project news or news article link showing your influence. UPDATE, February1: We’ve […]

Government As Mini-Archist Corporation: The Cherokee


Status Report: Belize Sexual Minorities Start Suits

US, Florida: Prison Baby-Privatization Benefits

Malaysia: Death Penalty Abolition Effort Spreads

Poland: Privatization Milestone Hailed

Sierra Leone: Work Continues in Justice For Women

Analysis: YOPO – You Only Privatize Once

Nigeria: Privatization Hands 25% Of Shares To People

EU Confederacy To Expand

Libertarians Expose Regulation War On Kiddie Lemonade

Sierra Leone: 3rd Election Coming

Egypt: Human Rights Groups Advise On Constitution

US, Florida: Homeschool Co-ops Now In Peace

US, Florida: Work on Felon Vote Continues

US: Dems Join Libertarians in Ballot Access Fight

Gallup: US In Pro-Libertarian Shift?

The Bagley Transparency Act Marches On

Alaska Libertarian Social Democracy Paradise In Peril?

US: A Libertarian Free Speech Win

Why Some Consider Being ‘A Damn Libertarian’

Philippines: Libs Lead Anti-Spy Law Win

On Hiatus: Libertarian R. Swanson In Memoriam

Costa Rica Libertarians Save Coastal Homes From Government Takeover

The Libertarian Anti-Regulatory Argument In Brief?

US Gun Case Shows Social, Police Intimidation vs.Youth for Rights

Opinion: Is the US Law-Crazed ?

South Sudan: Talks On Death Penalty Abolition

Australia:Libs Challenge Gov Media Monopolies…

Sweden Win: Quasi-Private Schools Advance

Washington Post: End All Immigration Laws

Ethiopia:1069 Government Facilities To Be Consumer Co-ops

Win: Thailand’s Partial Death Penalty Abolition For Youth

Analysis: Jesus OK’s Homosexuality?

Libertarian Concept That Unions Are Civil Right Spreads

Analysis: Russia ‘Pussy Riot’ Case Spotlights Dire Jury Need

Brazil in Road Quasi-Privatization

ACLU Campaign On ‘Incarceration Addiction’–Update

China: Gu Trial Shows Progress, Jury Need–Analysis

NZ: Parliament Moves Ahead On Gay Marriage

Win: Utah, US Hairbraider License Law & Irrelevancy

Win: Kenya, Tanzania Join Work On Transparency Partnership

Rohingyas: Call For Open Bangla Borders Advances

Liechtenstein vs.San Marino vs.Tristan vs. Xeer: 3 Lib-like Law Models

LI: Unsafe Government Bonds Vs. New EU Pensions