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US: GOP in Congress Goes Backwards With Space Monopoly Law

US: ACLU, Libertarians Challenge Bizarre Anti-Petition Law

US President Supports Libertarian Cyber Law Concerns

Immigration Nazis Pose As Libertarians in US

Like Sexting, Conservative Anti-Zoophilia Target Kids, Gays, Jews

Uganda Libertarians:AntiSpeech Law=Cop Corruption

Analysis: Scholars With Libertarians, Say ‘Top 2’=Extremism

India: Native People’s Rights Being Upheld

US NJ Libertarians Expose Legalized Judicial Bribe Scheme

US: House Bi-Partisan Measure to Ban Federal Marihuana Raids

Nigeria: Inquisition-Like Sharia Horrors Publicized

US: Libertarians in ‘Privatize Transpo’ Coalitions

ILL, US:Libs On Victory Against Over-Broad ‘Titling’ Laws Trend

NJ, USA Libertarian Transparency Victory

VT, US: Vaccine Philosophic Exception Victory


Analysis:US Lib Pro-Self Defense Trend Grows

US: Citizen CopWatch Movement Upheld By Court

Canada:Libs Target Anti-Mask=Anti-Protest Law

NC USA: 40% Pro-Gay Votes Called Triumph

Civil Society Groups Call on Govs to Open Access

Russian Libertarians Start Coalition Ballot Protests

Analysis: Corporations Hate Libertarian Candidates

Media: How Libertarian Victories in Campaign Speech, More Happen

Libertarian Campaign for Anti-NDAA ‘Safe Harbor’ State Laws

India Weighs In On Swedish Home-School Rights Case

NJ, US: Libertarian Open Government Model Project

Portland, Or, US Libertarians Fight Anti-Groupon Gov Racket

Libertarians Expose, Fight Virginia, US Ballot Hanky-Panky

Sikhs Confer On Lifestyle Immunities

Brazil Libertarians, Liberals Target Drug Rights Action Items

Taiwan Rights Going Forward, Say Monitors

Bangladesh: Gov Attacks On Dissidents Tracked

Israel/Palestinians: Human Rights Problems Tracked

Uganda Press Freedom Attacks Being Exposed

Libertarians Help Fight Mass, US Forfeiture Scandal

Governor Elections Come To Russia

Libertarian Anti-Draft Movement In Wins Worldwide

Libertarian Privatization Trend Continues: RPPI 2011 Report

US: A-OK To Praise Juries Before Courthouses…Lib Win

Analysis:Tort Law & Vaccines

Analysis: Jury Supremacy Explained

Flashback: US Libertarian Role in Printz Gun Rights Victory


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