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Israel: Libertarian-Backed Peace Referendum

Coming: More Country Reports

Starting soon we will focus every week in Alphabetic order on what LI activists and friends are doing in the main in each country ( some 195 jurisdictions). After a year or two we feel this will be a helpful history/data-bank, mutual inspiration  and new person intro on what is being ‘done and won ‘ in the […]

Russia: LI, Pro-Libertarians To End Anti-Gay Rule

Analysis: US Bob Barr’s Libertarian Gay Marriage Journey

US: GAO to Investigate Concerns on Mystery Government Weapons

US, TN & PA: Libertarian Institute Activists For Liquor Privatization

US: Progressive/LI Libertarians, Activists in Voting Rights Siege

Status Report: Belize Sexual Minorities Start Suits

Malaysia: Death Penalty Abolition Effort Spreads

Sierra Leone: Work Continues in Justice For Women

Nigeria: Privatization Hands 25% Of Shares To People

Libertarians Expose Regulation War On Kiddie Lemonade

Sweden Win: Quasi-Private Schools Advance

HOW-TO: FL, US Libertarian Institute Team 2012 Wins

Libertarian Project Spreads: the ‘Read the Bill’ History

Analysis:In NH, Libertarians & Right Fight For Pot vs Left

Rwanda:National Private Arbitration Center to be Court Alternative

Nigeria: Power Utility Privatization Engages All Stakeholders

Drug Abuse Down 50% After Libertarian-Led Portugal Decrim

Malawi Wins: Anti-Child Debt Slavery, Labor Persuasion

Liquor Privatization Now Blessed By Conservatives in Switch

US: Young Libertarians Publicize NC Refusal to Pay Eugenics Victims

Win: ACTA Mess Being Defeated Worldwide by Libertarians

Libertarians Expose Backfiring Sex Registry ‘Laws’

LI: Link, Read Our New LI Weekly LIBERTARIAN ACTION …Special

Win: Libertarians Help In Making Statutes Open to the People

NYCLU Unveils App to Aid CopWatch Movement

Libertarians Wins vs Islamic Extremists in Mali, Maldives, Somalia

Special: Share the LI Model

Win:10 Lib Tools In World Public Safety Revolution

WA,US: Win! LEAD Program Uses Rehab, Not Criminalization

Special:NYT, Barnett On Healthcare Decision=2 Lib Wins

Egypt Libertarians Say Election Is 1st Major Win

Lib-Based USAN South American Union Slowly Spreads

Win:Egypt 31-Year Emergency Law Ends–Many Remain Worldwide

Win, NV US:Voter City Incorporation–Or Not–Keeps Officials At Bay

Win:Libertarian-Type Voluntary Communities As Quasi-Governments


Win ND,US:Large Vote For No Taxes,Conscience Areas Change Debate

Win: Kenya Leaders Mull Gay Decrim

Win: Libertarian-Type Re-Privatization In All Countries

Libertarian Campaign On Petty Licenses: New Tools

Argentina:Libertarios Expose Currency Control in National Satire

Kenya: Court Strengthens Meeting Rights

LIO Operation Democracy: Of 44 Targeted Countries, 14 Bettered

Russia: With Gay Win Anniversary, Libs Fight For Gay Speech

US: Consensus by GOP Leaders To End Taxes After Lib Workshop

Miss, US: Libs Help Free Gourmet Beer, Quickie Marriage

Libertarians Joined by CATO in World CopWatch Projects

WA, US:Libertarian Liquor Privatization Now Aided by DDIR

TSA: 3000+ Articles By Libertarians Detail Abuses

NJ, USA Libertarian Transparency Victory

Media: How Libertarian Victories in Campaign Speech, More Happen

NJ, US: Libertarian Open Government Model Project

Flashback: US Libertarian Role in Printz Gun Rights Victory