Category Africa

Tunisia: Referenda, Secularism Efforts Continue

Analysis: Libertarians vs. Myth of Inherent ‘Government’ Functions

Gambia/West Africa: Pro-Libertarians Fight Anti-Albino Hate

Ghana: Death Penalty Victory

LI Clarification: Immigration Treaty Approach–Analysis

Sierra Leone: Work Continues in Justice For Women

Nigeria: Privatization Hands 25% Of Shares To People

Sierra Leone: 3rd Election Coming

Egypt: Human Rights Groups Advise On Constitution

South Sudan: Talks On Death Penalty Abolition

Ethiopia:1069 Government Facilities To Be Consumer Co-ops

Analysis: Russia ‘Pussy Riot’ Case Spotlights Dire Jury Need

Win: Kenya, Tanzania Join Work On Transparency Partnership

Rwanda:National Private Arbitration Center to be Court Alternative

Tunisia Win:Judicial Independence To Be Studied Despite Activist Arrests

Nigeria: Power Utility Privatization Engages All Stakeholders

Tanzania:Win-Privatization Expands, Helps Economy

Ethiopia:’Baby’ Privatization VS Vast Government Seizures

Malawi Wins: Anti-Child Debt Slavery, Labor Persuasion

LI Analysis, Update: 11 Gay Marriage Wins Worldwide

Libertarians Wins vs Islamic Extremists in Mali, Maldives, Somalia

SCOTUS Healthcare Made in Libertaria? Yet~10K% Tax:Talking Points

Egypt Libertarians Say Election Is 1st Major Win

Africa:Work for Free Immigration,Trade Spread

Win:Egypt 31-Year Emergency Law Ends–Many Remain Worldwide

Win: Kenya Leaders Mull Gay Decrim

Kenya: Court Strengthens Meeting Rights

LIO Operation Democracy: Of 44 Targeted Countries, 14 Bettered

Analysis: Competing Currencies Reviewed

Uganda Libertarians:AntiSpeech Law=Cop Corruption

Nigeria: Inquisition-Like Sharia Horrors Publicized

Uganda Press Freedom Attacks Being Exposed


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