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Analysis:In NH, Libertarians & Right Fight For Pot vs Left

Wins: US Clear Government Language Act Model for Transparency

Over 4 MM Benefit As Recent Pure Water vs Fluoride Wins Grow

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Rwanda:National Private Arbitration Center to be Court Alternative

President Carter:US–Unlike Egypt–Leads Anti-Rights Drift?

Tunisia Win:Judicial Independence To Be Studied Despite Activist Arrests

Nigeria: Power Utility Privatization Engages All Stakeholders

Japan:Anti-Death Penalty Info Movement Revives

Kyrgyzstan: Win-Movement to Stamp Out Torture

Tanzania:Win-Privatization Expands, Helps Economy

Drug Abuse Down 50% After Libertarian-Led Portugal Decrim

Ethiopia:’Baby’ Privatization VS Vast Government Seizures

Malawi Wins: Anti-Child Debt Slavery, Labor Persuasion

Win: China Towns Continue Sister City Push

Liquor Privatization Now Blessed By Conservatives in Switch

Opinion:Lib-Type Tools & Climate Change

MI, US Libertarians Expose Bizarre GOP Anti-Privatization Plot

Opinion: Ayn Rand A Hit In India

Win: ACTA Mess Being Defeated Worldwide by Libertarians

Libertarian Pot Dispensary Pioneer Exposes Legal Bullies

Libertarians Expose Backfiring Sex Registry ‘Laws’

Data/Analysis:Libs Spread Sex-Play Science vs.Statutory Ignorance

NH, US Win: Jury Nullification Re-Affirmed by Statute

MO, US Win: Libertarians Lead Ending Mover License Law; Special

Win: Libertarians Help In Making Statutes Open to the People

US: ‘Policing For Profit’ Forfeiture Exposed

NYCLU Unveils App to Aid CopWatch Movement

LI Analysis, Update: 11 Gay Marriage Wins Worldwide

Libertarians Wins vs Islamic Extremists in Mali, Maldives, Somalia

Win: US Juries Address Child, Anti-Self Abuses By Religions

Win:10 Lib Tools In World Public Safety Revolution

Win:Columbia OK’s Small Pot, Coke; UN Decries Drug War

WA,US: Win! LEAD Program Uses Rehab, Not Criminalization

LI: End Judge Bail Power As in Puerto Rico? Analysis.

Special: What’s in US Healthcare Bill? & What Some Libs May Like

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SCOTUS Win: Arizona ‘Papers Please’ Kaputt

SCOTUS Win: Death Penalty for Juveniles Out/Opinion

Egypt Libertarians Say Election Is 1st Major Win

Lib-Based USAN South American Union Slowly Spreads

Africa:Work for Free Immigration,Trade Spread

Analysis: Romney Appointee pro-Libertarian Scholar

Venezuela:Libs Lead Call To Stay In Rights Process

Win:Egypt 31-Year Emergency Law Ends–Many Remain Worldwide

Win, NV US:Voter City Incorporation–Or Not–Keeps Officials At Bay

LI: Should Judges Rise For Jurors? Analysis.

Win:Libertarian-Type Voluntary Communities As Quasi-Governments


Win ND,US:Large Vote For No Taxes,Conscience Areas Change Debate

UN To Encourage More Open Borders

Win: Kenya Leaders Mull Gay Decrim

Win: Libertarian-Type Re-Privatization In All Countries

Libertarian Campaign On Petty Licenses: New Tools

Conn, US: Libs Hail Anti-Death Penalty Win

Argentina:Libertarios Expose Currency Control in National Satire

Conn, USA: Towns Try ‘Unprecedented’ Budget Referenda

Conn,US:Med Marihuana Legalized in Another Libertarian Win

Kenya: Court Strengthens Meeting Rights

Scotland Debates 16 Voting Age

LIO Operation Democracy: Of 44 Targeted Countries, 14 Bettered

Ballot Access: An Analysis

Analysis: Flower Arrangement Freedom Should Bloom? Attorney

China:Privatization Progress Despite Pro-Monopoly Regulators

Russia: With Gay Win Anniversary, Libs Fight For Gay Speech

Canada: ‘De Facto’ Spouses Under Siege by Bizarre Court Ruling

US: Consensus by GOP Leaders To End Taxes After Lib Workshop

Miss, US: Libs Help Free Gourmet Beer, Quickie Marriage

Libertarians Joined by CATO in World CopWatch Projects

Analysis: Libertarian Free Association and Portable Rights

Lib Win: SCOTUS OK’S Vitro, Contract Legitimacy, Not Reverse

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Art of Intelligence:In ‘Terror War’ Is the Atrocity the Mission?

WA, US:Libertarian Liquor Privatization Now Aided by DDIR

Homeschooling College Acceptability Grows

TSA: 3000+ Articles By Libertarians Detail Abuses

Libertarian Victory: Ending Gov-Induced US Prison Rape

Israel:Libertarians Explore Intersection of Markets, Religion, State

Analysis: How International Law Is Privately Created

Uzbekistan To Privatize Some 500 Programs in Drive

Analysis: How NH State Agency Is Kleptocrat’s Dream

Puerto Rico: PPA Privatization Advances

LA US: Conservatives Discover Infrastructure Privatization

US: GOP in Congress Goes Backwards With Space Monopoly Law

US: ACLU, Libertarians Challenge Bizarre Anti-Petition Law

US President Supports Libertarian Cyber Law Concerns

Immigration Nazis Pose As Libertarians in US

Like Sexting, Conservative Anti-Zoophilia Target Kids, Gays, Jews

Uganda Libertarians:AntiSpeech Law=Cop Corruption

Analysis: Scholars With Libertarians, Say ‘Top 2’=Extremism

India: Native People’s Rights Being Upheld

US NJ Libertarians Expose Legalized Judicial Bribe Scheme

US: House Bi-Partisan Measure to Ban Federal Marihuana Raids

Nigeria: Inquisition-Like Sharia Horrors Publicized

US: Libertarians in ‘Privatize Transpo’ Coalitions