Rate Measures A-F


Photo: Carlos Gutierrez is one of a growing number of  explicitly Libertarian public officials. As a  National Legislator in Costa Rica he electrified Latin America proclaiming “gay marriages are a basic right.”

Use this guide to  rate targeted measures A-F depending on rights/voluntary choice friendliness and your or your group’s anticipated long-term involvement.


Anti-Libertarians often attempt to divert effort  or confuse conversation by conflating their un- or anti-libertarian measures with Libertarianism under color of ‘pragmatism’ and ‘debate in the movement.’

Begun in 2001, LI has has tested and uses this standard  rating system for proposed measures and initiatives to help focus effort. Items are rated on a mnemonic A-F scale LI founder MG developed with experienced activists. Ratings are issued in main legislative areas or at local activist requests to guide local rating. The scale with illustrative (examples):

  • A: Acceptable and Voluntary/Non-coercive (Tax abolition with voluntary endowment to fund core services)
  • B: Betters Previous Law, Possible Minor Coercive Elements (Tax rate reduction with some required paperwork)
  • C: Coercive Problems But Improvement; Technical Improvement (Tax abolition or overall reduction with some rise elsewhere; better service improvement)
  • D:Defective but Improvable if /with Subsequent Effort (Tax shifted to less pernicious area such as locally which will need later effort)
  • E:Effect is Strongly Coercive (New tax )
  • F: Fail, Directly Anti-rights(Tax targeted to harm specific group )
  • *: Direct Local Libertarian Proposal or Participation

We recommend teams use the following rating system for legislative support and contact; and for students, rating and helping develop legal, social science and similar educators.

  1. Anti-Libertarian
  2. Works on specific issues (note issues) and becoming more conversant
  3. Works on both bettering civil and economic liberty, and voluntary public administration on many issues
  4. *–In contact with you/group and material shared from time to time.

LI rates public officials in a strict system, and must evidence good character, consensus attitude, and competence in libertarian solutions and presentation and general trends in their area of offical responsibility. DO NOT vote for any official unless you’re clear where they stand. Class:

  1. LI Implementer: Regular contact with LI for direct implementation. Must have 3 years satisfactory public official experience.
  2. Presenter: Comfortable with presentation of LI and directional themes.Successful 1+ year project in (usually appointive) public office.
  3. User: (self-rated) Interested in LI and receptive to voluntary solutions with local momentum. Use to indicate interest to voters by linking here.

Local groups and solo activists are encouraged to use the scales, direct effort or inform the public accordingly; and send their illustrative evaluations for sharing and peer-to-peer inspiration at this site. A is considered Libertarian in effect, B & C libertarian-direction; D libertarian-oriented/liberal. All may be appropriate given local circumstances. this also allows better short/medium, and long-term strategic focus. Remember: legislators and proposals come and go– you (and we ) outlast any government or election.

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